Who we are

About Us

We’re like anyone else. We believed in dragons. With the correct application of velocity, thrust, and arm flapping we knew we could fly. And the best virtual reality of all was constructed from cardboard. Ideas were limited by our own imagination. The difference is we still believe that anything is possible.

Sandoval represents a desire to share our own imagination through creativity to overcome strategic challenges. We are proud of our work because what we create represents who we are and what we believe. Driven by imagination exemplifies this. Combined with a broad set of skills as a full service agency, we are able to offer solutions that are as unique as your needs.

And because the quality of the solution shouldn’t come at the expense of the overall experience, we approach each collaboration with integrity, honesty, passion, respect, and hustle. If we’re not exceeding your expectations, we’re not doing our job. We fear being average, most of all. Even more than dragons.

Josh Ledezma

Art Director

Austin Gavin


Traci Ducusin

Digital Marketing Assistant

Gil Sandoval

Founder/Creative Director

Evan Yuen

Graphic Designer

Jake Mendell


Marlen Lara

Assistant Video Editor

Mani Sandoval

Founder/Marketing Director

Clay Lyons

Business Development

Dan Sandoval


Dennis Elder

Senior Developer

Candace Choi

UI/UX Designer

Sydni Kruger

Graphic Artist

Oscar Guevara


Rick Marquez

Post Production Supervisor

Crystal Wells

Office Administrator

Carlye Klick

Social Media Intern


What we create
represents who we are.